Blood Collection

The Future of Blood Collection is Here.

The process is simple. A patient places the BioSpy device on their upper arm and presses a button on the device to begin blood collection. The BioSpy device creates a vacuum seal when attached to the arm. When the button is depressed, the microarray blades puncture the skin and blood slowly starts to drip into the microtube, which has been prefilled with a serum separator and clot activator, ensuring sample stability until the specimen arrives at the laboratory. The blood collection process takes only one to two minutes. After collection is complete, the tube is sent back to a lab for analysis, and the rest of the device is discarded.

Sample When and Where you need to.

As a lab providing both direct-to-patient testing and lab services for consumer healthcare companies, our patients and customers appreciate the ease and more comfortable experience of using the BioSpy device, and the convenience of safe and effective blood collection without leaving home. Currently, the BioSpy Reference Laboratory uses the BioSpy device to result PROSTATE IQ, with HDL, LDL, CRP, Insulin, core liquid biopsy test options and STI testing.

Thinner than an eyelash.

The microblade array on the BioSpy device has individual blades thinner than the width of an eyelash. When depressed, the microblade array penetrates the skin at a depth shallower than human nerve endings, allowing for painless blood sample collection.

Anxiety Free Blood Sample Collection

An estimated one out of four adults suffer from trypanophobia, or a fear of needles and causes 16% of adults in the United States to miss doctors appointments¹. With the BioSpy blood collection device, experience the next generation of laboratory diagnostic testing. Blood collection, especially for patients that require continued monitoring, removes hurdles from both patient and provider to ensure testing requirements are met.

Specimen Concordance

Blood collection with the BioSpy device correlates to venous blood at 99.84% and clinical laboratory results agree at 100% for results that can be trusted.

BioSpy Frequently Asked Questions

24 months from the date of manufacture.

The BioSpy device collects up to 500 µL of whole capillary blood.

Clinical Chemistry Panel
PK/PD Profiling
Disease Progression Monitoring
Next Generation Sequencing
Cell-free DNA Screening
Epigenetics Profiling
Real-Time PCR
Immune Profiling