Prostate IQ®: Next Generation Prostate Cancer Screening

Above: The BioSpy Collection Device allows for painless blood collection in the clinic, home, or workplace, in three to four minutes per patient. Samples are stable at room temperature for up to 72 hours with the preloaded anticoagulant and serum separator gel. The device eliminates the need for a phlebotomist, centrifugation, and cold storage, with a 70% reduction in total time¹ vs. traditional lab draws.

Below: Pictured on the left is a traditional (500 milliliter) laboratory blood draw. On the right, the BioSpy blood collection microtainer contains 300 microliters, representing a 99.94% reduction in blood volume per patient.

Prostate IQ™ Advantages

Race Stratified

Prostate IQ™ is a next generation diagnostic test that stratifies risk based on ethnicity. Studies show that Caucasian, Hispanic, African American and Indigenous Americans have baseline PSA levels that vary up to 2 ng/mL. Prostate IQ™ delivers a personal risk assessment based on your genotypical and phenotypical data.

Age Stratified

Prostate IQ™ protects older and younger alike with an age-based risk assessment. Currently, most laboratories use a cutoff of 4 ng/mL for all patients. Depending on age (and ethnicity), and utilizing tens of thousands of published, peer-reviewed datapoints, Prostate IQ™ assesses your personal risk for prostate cancer.

Multiplexed Microsampling

Utilizing PCR based DNA amplification, Prostate IQ™ requires 5 µL of whole blood (one fifth of a drop of blood) allowing the BioSpy Reference Laboratory to test for multiple analytes on a single microtainer of blood.

BioSpy Prostate IQ

BioSpy Prostate IQ

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BioSpy Prostate IQ tests for Total PSA and Free PSA from the BioSpy device. Collect your specimen anywhere in the convenient, pain-free BioSpy device and return to the lab with the pre-paid envelope.  Prostate IQ reports total PSA, free PSA and tPSA/fPSA ratio, as well as PSA velocity for repeat users.   Results are delivered in an intuitive email report.  Tax free and free shipping.

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