Bahamian Men have a higher risk of prostate cancer than any other population of men in the world.¹

The Commonwealth ranks as the 7th most deadly country worldwide for prostate cancer - and screening rates are declining.²

The Bahamas Rank #7 Worldwide for Prostate Cancer Mortality

Aggressive Disease Requires Aggressive Intervention

Data shows Afro-Caribbean men present with more aggressive and later stage disease, contributing to the Bahamas Prostate Cancer Death Rate of more than five times the world average. Source: World Health Organization

Redesigning Prostate Cancer Screening for the Bahamas

Minister of Health Dr. Michael Darville and Prime Minister Phillip Davis discuss the prostate cancer epidemic in the Bahamas with BioSpy cofounder Charlie Balentine and Mr. Warren Davis. Dr. Darville outlined the unique geographical, cultural, and testing limitations being faced in the Bahamas.

A Closer Look at the Advantages of Prostate IQ™

Prostate IQ™ is a state-of-the-art PCR based test, who's advantages include smaller blood sample requirements for specimen collection¹ (5 μl vs. 75 μl with ELISA), room-temperature storage and stability², increased sensitivity³, and broader dynamic range⁴ for more accurate results. Prostate IQ™ is resulted in the BioSpy Reference Laboratory. The BioSpy Reference Laboratory is a high-complexity CLIA lab with Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation (COLA) and College of American Pathologist (CAP) Accreditation.

Prostate IQ™ is

An Age and Race Stratified Test With Cut-off Levels Designed for Bahamian Men.

Collected painlessly on an FDA cleared device with room temperature storage.

One test that reports Total PSA / Free PSA / PSA Velocity* with picogram level accuracy²,³ in the CLIA, COLA, and CAP accredited BioSpy Reference Laboratory.

Clinical Data on Prostate Cancer Screening in the Bahamas

Afro-Caribbean men are at particularly high risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer that requires earlier and more frequent screening and a lower threshold for definitive treatment.¹

¹ Khandwala YS, Ohanian A, Huang FW. Prostate Cancer in the Caribbean: A Baseline Assessment of Current Practices and Potential Needs. Cancer Control. 2022 Mar

In the Bahamas, modest screening offers modest results. The benefit of prostate-specific antigen screening may be greatest in high-risk populations, including men of African descent in the Caribbean. However, organized screening may not be sustainable in low- and middle-income countries.²

² Heijnsdijk EAM, et. al. Evaluation of Prostate Cancer Screening Strategies in High-risk Population in the Bahamas. 2022 May

Heterogeneity of available diagnostics and treatments combined with pervasive misinformation regarding the disease present robust challenges to providers in the Bahamas.³

³ Khandwala YS, Ohanian A, Huang FW. Prostate Cancer in the Caribbean: A Baseline Assessment of Current Practices and Potential Needs. Cancer Control. 2022 Mar
Bahamas National Prostate Screening Campaign

Bahamas National Prostate Screening Campaign

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BioSpy Prostate IQ tests for Total PSA and Free PSA from the BioSpy device. Collect your specimen anywhere in the convenient, pain-free BioSpy device and return to the lab with the pre-paid envelope.  Prostate IQ reports total PSA, free PSA and tPSA/fPSA ratio, as well as PSA velocity for repeat users.   Results are delivered in an intuitive email report.  Tax free and free shipping.

BioSpy Prostate IQ™ is warehoused in the Bahamas and available to all citizens ages 45-75.