Prostate IQ® is a Next Generation Screening Test for Prostate Cancer

PSA (prostate specific antigen) testing for Prostate Cancer has been in use since 1987. Unfortunately, the PSA biomarker is specific to an individual's prostate, not prostate cancer. Prostate IQ™ quantifies Total PSA, Free PSA, and PSA / Free PSA ratio to reduce unnecessary biopsies by as much as 85%¹ as well as PSAV* (PSA Velocity) for subsequent surveillance testing . PSA velocity (PSAV) has been shown to be predictive of lethal prostate cancer in the year before diagnosis at a time when cure is less likely and 10 to 15 years before diagnosis when local treatment is curative².

Prostate IQ™ provides the most complete picture of overall prostate health, collected painlessly on the BioSpy device, and run at the BioSpy Reference Laboratory using state-of-the-art IQ technology.


The Future of Lab Testing

...anywhere. The BioSpy™ device collects your whole blood sample painlessly. And the anti-coagulant gel preloaded in the collection tube allows for room sample storage and shipping to the BioSpy Reference Laboratory.


PSA levels increase as a part of the aging process. Prostate IQ™ uses age appropriate cut-off levels based on meta-analysis of over 100,000 persons from peer-reviewed studies.

Prostate IQ™ is Race Stratified

Persons of African descent have a prostate that is 15% larger than their white peers. PSA levels are not one-size-fits-all, and Prostate IQ sets cut-off levels based on ethnicity to address risk based on the individual.

BioSpy Prostate IQ

BioSpy Prostate IQ

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BioSpy Prostate IQ tests for Total PSA and Free PSA from the BioSpy device. Collect your specimen anywhere in the convenient, pain-free BioSpy device and return to the lab with the pre-paid envelope.  Prostate IQ reports total PSA, free PSA and tPSA/fPSA ratio, as well as PSA velocity for repeat users.   Results are delivered in an intuitive email report.  Tax free and free shipping.


Yes. BioSpy was designed to facilitate specimen collection anywhere in the world with room-temperature storage.

No! The BioSpy device is a pain-free* small-volume sample collection device. The coagulant inside of the tube keeps the blood specimen stable until it is returned to the BioSpy laboratory.

Results are emailed to you in an intuitive report.